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least will not fail me

When the three rd the young man said softly to one another:

“This must be the man.”

Then they him, and spoke to him to try him. They said:

“Sir, you the Sea.”

And the :

“She is the Sea.”

And the :

“We , and 14know that than the Sea.”

And the young ff the became spake with kings, yet he answered:

“By this spear, beautiful than the Sea.”

But to Hilnaric heroes of old time had come back again in the of his legendary youth.

And long time they went up and down 18the terraces, saying those things which were said before and since, and which lips shall yet be made to say again. And above them stood Poltarnees beholding the Sea.

And the day came when Athelvok should go. And Hilnaric said to him:

“Will you not indeed most surely come back again, having just looked over the summit of Poltarnees?”

Atheled: “I will indeed come back,

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